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Meet Stephanie Gowans our Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Steph is a newcomer starting in March as our Sales and Marketing Coordinator. Steph brings a background in digital marketing and is making head way in our marketing department. Let’s get to know Steph a little better... 

Edge: What does it mean to be a Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Edge?  

My role is to assist the marketing department for all internal marketing and to assist the sales department by qualifying leads. The great aspect about my role is being exposed to both departments, as it allows me to strengthen my skills in both areas.   

Edge: What does a typical day at Edge involve for you?   

Currently it’s still a lot of learning, but I’m quickly realising that each day is different which is great, as I love the diversity! At the moment my day is made up of checking in with my marketing team to see which items need to be completed for the day and qualifying any leads that have come through the business 

Edge: What interests you most about Edge as a business?   

I was excited to start working with Edge because of their innovative approach to sales promotions and loyalty programs, always looking to further their products and introduce technology.   

Edge: What has been your journey to become a Sales and Marketing Coordinator?   

I have been interested in marketing fresh out of high school and went straight into a degree. Most recently I finished up at 3 Phase Marketing where I got a great introduction to both digital and traditional marketing, working in account services and social media.  I have a keen interest for incentive and loyalty marketing which led me to Edge and the role I’m in now.  

5 Quick Fire Questions:  

Q1: What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?  

Choc-mint and the best I've ever tasted was from a stall on the island of Hvar, Croatia!  

Q2: What TV are you binging at the moment?   

I just finished binging ‘The Loudest Voice’ on Stan and I highly recommend!   

Q3: What are the 3 best words to describe you as?  

Checklist-queen, jovial, adventurous!  

Q4: Best piece of advice you have been given recently?   

Be a sponge and learn as much as you can!   

Q5: Are you a cat or dog person?   

Dog person all the way!