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Meet Sam White our Sales Director

Sam joined the team a few months ago, bringing an extensive background in marketing and management in the FMCG sector. Sam has hit the ground running and already made a positive impact on the business, particularly in finding opportunities to support businesses through the pandemic with Edge’s solutions. Let’s get to know Sam better... 

Edge: What does your role at Edge involve?  

Topline, my role is foster the business requirements of my portfolio of clients in finding solutions to their business problems, as well as winning new business opportunities using Edge’s market-leading range of customer acquisition and retention solutions. This is all done working collaboratively with a passionate and agile team. 

Edge: What was your journey to become a Sales Director?  

Over 20 years of marketing and management experience in international and domestic consumer brands within the FMCG sector (B2B and B2C capacity) across food, alcohol, pharmaceuticals and tobacco (almost all vices except rock n’ roll!). I was also a client of Edge during my time at Philip Morris Limited.  

Most recently, my role as General Manager of a multi-faceted start-up enterprise saw the launch of an Augmented Reality digital platform for clients The main focus of the start-up was the launch of a global market first residential safety emergency pod and scaling the business to both B2C and B2B segments, off a zero base. 

Edge: What is something that excites you about working for Edge?  

The opportunity to work with clients directly in providing global best practice solutions to their business problems or opportunities they’re trying to solve. Also, the ability to bring meaningful value and enhanced offerings that lay the foundation of a lasting connection with their customers is rewarding. 

Edge: What do you love most about the marketing industry?  

The unique ability to touch and communicate to every single Australian via the work we do, in influencing change and making a difference to their lives. We are in the business of meeting people’s needs, targeting against what is meaningful for them and delivering on ‘why’ they should buy. There has never been a more exciting time to be a marketer or work in the marketing industry – the customer is now the powerbroker, they are more educated, more curious and more connected than ever before. 


5 Quick Fire Questions 

Q1: Dinner or dessert? 


Q2: What are you listening/watching/reading at the moment?  

Aside from ‘Let it go…’ from Frozen - my 2yr old just loves it immensely, and currently watching Ozark on Netflix. 

Q3: Your favourite quote?  

Life is not a dress rehearsal – it’s a daring adventure or nothing. 

Q4: Beach or snow?  

Beach for sure – take me back to the Maldives! 

Q5: A goal you are currently trying to achieve?  

At the time of writing, I’m week 7 into my new role and working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, whilst juggling two toddlers – extraordinary times that we’re all embracing. The goal right now is to learn as much as possible about the business’s products and the commercials behind them as part of the onboarding process.