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Meet Eliza Davey our Partnerships Executive

Eliza is our Partnerships whiz who has been making an amazing impact in our restaurant gift card programs for just over a year now and has recently extended her assistance to the new business team. Let’s get to know Eliza better…  

Edge: What does a typical day look like for you?  

Number 1: Caffeinate, then communicating with restaurant partners; identifying and communicating with potential new recruits for our programs, partner audits, on-boarding new partners and always ensuring I am up to date with the latest restaurant openings/events in Australia. Occasionally working with the wider marketing & partnerships team to provide input regarding potential partnerships and sales opportunities for our spa and restaurant gift card programs and when needed providing partnership content for EDM sends. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, which makes every day slightly different and keeps what I do interesting and enjoyable. 

Edge: What was your journey to become a Partnerships Executive?  

I was originally brought onboard as a contractor in partner recruitment for the Optus Dining Program and was lucky enough to be asked to stick around following the conclusion of the program. Through this recruitment process I was able to forge relationships with new and existing restaurant partners, which put me in good stead to move into a partnerships role focusing on the restaurant gift card programs. I have grown a lot in a professional sense in the last 12 months and believe this has a lot to do with the trust afforded to me by my manager (Jo Rao) to work out the best way that I personally work with day to day partner communication, which (I hope) has aided me to succeed in my role.  

Edge: What do you love most about working for Edge?   

The culture is fantastic, it makes it so much easier to wake up and come to work in the morning to a place where you know you are supported, respected but also able to have a little bit of fun!  

Edge: Professionally, what do you hope to achieve in the next year?   

Given the current situation, I'd love to be able to look back on 2020 and see the positive contribution that both our restaurant and spa programs had in regard to assisting restaurant and spa partners get back on their feet and open their doors to customers once again.  

Edge: With your amazing work in the restaurant gift card programs you have recently extended your assistance to the new business team, what are you most excited about in this role?  

Helping the new business team is a great way to extend my knowledge across the wider Blackhawk/Edge business and gain a broader understanding of the exciting products we have to offer. 


5 Quick Fire Questions  

Q1: Beach or city?   


Q2: What are you listening/watching/reading at the moment 

Listening: ABC Conversations podcast   
Watching: The Politician, Bold Type and Masterchef
Reading: Where the Crawdads Sing, The Lost Man  

Q3: Best advice that you live your life by? 

Be kind  

Q4: What is your go-to restaurant cuisine?   

Japanese! (Kisume, Mr Miyagi are faves 

Q5: A goal you are currently trying to achieve?   

The Run Melbourne 10k