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Meet Ben Fuller our Sales Director

Meet Ben our Sales Director who is coming up to a year with the business. Ben is doing amazing work helping new and existing clients, solve business challenges with promotional solutions that will grow their business. Let’s get to know Ben a little better... 

Edge: What does your role at Edge involve?  

I’m one of Edge’s Sales Directors so dealing with existing and prospective new clients on how we can help them grow and solve some headaches using our suite of products and solutions. 

Edge: What has been your journey to become a Sales Director?  

I’ve worked in commercial operations, partnerships and sponsorship across the sports and entertainment industries for almost 10 years. In a previous role I worked with Edge on a number of consumer promotions using Ticketmaster gift cards as rewards/prizing, so got to know the team really well through some of those campaigns. I started in July last year and it’s been a crazy fun ride during that time. 

Edge: What is the most exciting aspect of your role?  

When partnerships develop with new programs coming to life, I get a lot of satisfaction when all the hard background work pays off. It’s also been great to see a lot of new and exciting product enhancements come to market in the last few months which are being so well received and adopted by our client base. 

Edge: What interest you the most about the marketing space?  

All the different approaches and priorities brands look at to acquire/retain customers and grow. We are lucky enough to work across so many different sectors in critical areas of their businesses. I’m always learning different methods and strategies that work or fail in different industries and being able to apply that across client discussions to help achieve the best outcomes.   

5 Quick Fire Questions: 

Q1: What is your favourite food?  

Hmmm, anything ending in ‘ese’..Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese. 

Q2: What is one thing you cannot live without?  

Was going to say my scooter, but sad to say probably iPhone. 

Q3: What’s the best word to describe you?  


Q4: What have you been watching/reading/listening to?  

Watching The Last Dance and waiting eagerly for Billions to return. Always listening to a few different sporting Podcasts. Generally anything 70’s / 90’s rock related. 

Q5: What is the best piece of advice you have received?  

Try not to take things too seriously as you never know what’s around the corner. To keep things in perspective and live in the moment.