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Meet Ashlee O’Kane our Sr. Product Implementation Manager

Meet Ashlee our Sr. Product Implementation Manager. Ashlee is coming up to 5 years with Edge, working in implementation. Ashlee is a whiz at making peoples ideas come to life. Let’s get to know Ashlee a little better...  

Edge: What does it mean to be Sr. Product Implementation Manager and what was your journey to get there?  

Being in implementation means being very organised & making people's ideas happen. I started in in finance, whilst home loans & staring in banks ads is exciting left the Gong & moved to Melbourne where I ended up implementing major beer promotions.  

Edge: What is the thing you love most about your role?  

Changing people’s lives! I love watching TV, reading the paper, walking into supermarkets and seeing our promotions in markets!  

Edge: Professionally, what do you hope to get out of 2020?  

To be able to work in an office again! Also, I want to get the new promotional platform Hawk-Connect live.  

Edge: What excites you most about Edge as a business?  

Being able to connect brands & consumers through promotions. 


5 Quick Fire Questions: 

Q1: What’s your favourite thing to do on the weekend?  

It use to be wine & footy now it’s books & puzzles #COVID-19 

Q2: What TV show are binging at the moment?  

Very happy MasterChef is back  

Q3: 3 words that best describe you? 

Loyal, committed & fun  

Q4: What is a mantra you believe in?  

Always look on the bright side  

Q5: 3 things you want if you’re stranded on a desert island?  

Corona feels like I am living this! I am surviving on wine, chocolate and unlimited phone calls!